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Getting Started

If you are new to online gaming then we have some tips on how to set up an account and start playing the games you want to play.

So, you want to play some online casino games but you don't know where to play or how to download the software to you computer. Here we will guide you to loading the casino software to your computer so you can play whenever you want.

  • Step 1/ Click on any Download button on this site to begin to download
  • Casino Download File
  • Step 2/ Within seconds, a File Download dialog box like the one to the right will appear. Select "Run" or "Save" Selecting "Run" will automatically start the downloading sequence. Selecting "Save" will save the download file to your computer. You can then download the casino software whenever you want to.
  • Step 3/ Follow the instruction that appear on your screen. Some casino differ from others. The instruction are very simple that you will not have problems following the guide.
  • Select you language you want the software to be in and agree to the terms & conditions and the casino will install on you computer desk top.
  • All you have to do now is launch the software and set up your account and start playing.

Important Advice

When playing in an online casino for real money it is very important to read all the terms & conditions, especially the rules about the welcome bonus and other promotions.

Many people accuse casinos of cheating them when really they are the ones to blame for not reading the terms & conditions before playing. Below we have outlined a few common errors people make when playing in online casinos.

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When people see an offer for $500 Free or $3000 Free they automatically think they are going to get that amount of money just by signing up to that particular casino. This is a common misconception and people usually become a little disappointed when thay don't receive this "Free Money".

In this section we will explian the terms & conditions of this welcome bonus free money.

Some people might think this as a scam but this is also a misconception. This is down to not reading the rules/terms & conditions set by the casino. What the casino are offering is indeed what they are promotion on their site.

For this example we will use Casino Tropez's Welcome Bonus. Here is how it is broken down:

Casino Tropez offer $3000 Welcome Bonus to NEW PLAYERS:

When you sign-up to the casino and make your First Deposit the casino will give you 100% on that deposit up to the value of $100. So if you make a deposit of $100 you will receive $100 in bonus money giving you a total of $200 to play with.

If you make a first deposit of $50 you will get 100% bonus of $50 giving you a total of $100 to play with. You see where we are going?

On your Second Deposit Casino Tropez offer you 50% Free up to $200: If you deposit $400 you will be given a bonus of $200 giving you a total of $600 to play with. Depsoit $100 you will get $50 in bonus and you will play with $150. You should now be getting the idea of what a welcome bonus consists of.

Every Sunday Casino Tropez will give you 100% on your first deposit of the day up to $100. This bonus is valid for 27 weeks which will give you a grand total of $2,700 if making tha maximum deposits.

So, over the course of bonus scheme you will receive $3000 Free in bonuses only if you deposit the maximum for each deposit.

If you were to deposit less than the maximum allowed you will receive less free bonus money.

First deposit of $25 = $25 bonus giving you $50 to play with.

Second deposit of $25 = $12.50 bonus giving you $37.50 to play with.

27 weeks Sunday deposits of $25 = $25 bonus giving you $50 giving you a total of $675 bonus money over the 27 weeks.

The grand total of your welcome bonus comes to $712.50 which is still a substantial amount of free bonus money for a minimal weekly deposit.

Now with these bonuses comes the terms & conditions which stipulate which games you are allowed to play with the bonuses. Wager requirements must also be matched.

If at any point you break these rules and win a large amount of cash you will lose your winnings.

Now you see why it is vitally important to read any rules or terms & conditions prior to playing. If you have any doubts then contact the casino support team. Most casino have a live chat support in the casino lobby.

You have now been fully informed.

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At Euro Casino 555 we like to give our readers the best advice about our recommended online casinos so you get the most benefit from them while enjoying playing your favourite games. We cannot stress enough the importance of reading the terms & conditions of playing in a casino. If you decide not to read any of the rules then we are not held responsible for any loss in wiinings that you may occur. We have outlined the importance of reading the rules in the article above so you will have peice of mind when choosing and playing in the casino of your choice.

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